Your Official Wedding Planners
Meet your team!
Oak Island, NC Wedding Team
Back row: Ami, Alecia, Stewart, Sandy
Front row: Kenley, Gina

We are here to make sure your wedding dreams come true! We are confident that your day
will be one that you and your guests will be talking about for years. You bring the rings and
dress, and let us do the rest! No stress, no mess, we have you covered.
Stewart joined Oak Island
Weddings in 2010. Stewart
amazes every bride and
groom with his lovely music
as he strums "Here Comes
The Bride" and several other
weddings songs on his
acoustic guitar.
Gina officiated the very first wedding Oak Island Weddings
ever had.  She is an ordained minister and brings a
wonderful presence to every ceremony.  Gina's gentle
nature brings a sense of peace and relaxation to nervous
couples everywhere. She is truly a blessing to have on our
Alecia is the owner and operated of Oak
Island Weddings. While operating Oak
Island Photography, she soon realized
that out of town brides needs an
affordable alternative for a destination
wedding. Thus, Alecia designed all
inclusive wedding packages to meet the
needs of each bride. Alecia is the
director and ensures a stress free day
for each bride.
Kenley Mayer is the assistant director.  We
like to call Kenley the master of all! Kenley
is a phenomenal photographer, director,
and associate pastor.  Whether she is
behind the camera, officiating, or directing,
you will have a beautiful ceremony.  She
enlightens couples everyday with her
endearing spirit.
Sandy is our team's videographer.  
Sandy's patience and steady hand is
certainly a virtue as she captures each
special moment.  Sandy's artistic eye
for detail has also landed her "site
coordinator".   She oversees the
complete site setup and makes sure
that each chair is in place, and your
site is gorgeous.
Ami joined the wedding team and brings
with us her skills behind the camera. Ami
previously worked in a photo lab and has
truly brought new, creative ideas to each
wedding.  Ami's kind, and gentle personality
is a great fit for our team.
Misty made the first cake that was
ever consumed by an Oak Island
Weddings' bride.  Needless to say,
she has continued to make mouths
water with her delicious cakes!
Misty is familiar with the "beach
heat" and therefore makes her
cakes to be able to withstand the
hot heat, while moist and
delicious!...Did I mention how
beautiful they are?
Natalie is our permanent sub.  Natalie
began working for Oak Island Weddings
during our very first season while she was
home from college during the summers.
Now, Natalie flies the friendly skies, yet still
makes time to offer her help when we need
her.  Natalie brings a fun spirit and enjoys
coming back "home" to help every chance
she gets.